Techonology and People

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Techonology and People

By | March 2006
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Information and communication technologies have brought radical changes in the way society, organizations, and people function. Today, technology is used for business, teaching, learning, and day-to-day interaction. Technologies such as pocket PC's, nanotechnology, biotech security systems,

Nanotechnology is already quietly revolutionizing: a wide range of products, from computer hard drives and sun block cream to car tires, and will soon become a cornerstone of every manufacturing industry. Potential uses will include using nano-spheres to deliver a drug directly to its intended target; employing nano-scale manufacturing processes to make smaller and faster processors and storage devices; and using nano-scale properties to make stain resistant, crease-free fabrics, and garments that resist bacteria. This will influence people's interactions at a huge level, people will be able to communicate faster and easier.

Biometric technologies are defined as "automated methods of identifying or authenticating the identity of a living person based on a physical or behavioral characteristic." Unique physical traits, such as fingerprints, iris scans, voiceprints, faces, signatures or the geometry of the hand, can be used. This type of technology is used as an innovative method of security that dramatically reduces fraud and can insure ones property from use, if stolen, or obtained fraudulently. Bluetooth wireless technology is the simple choice for convenient, wire-free, short-range communication between devices. It is a globally available standard that wirelessly connects mobile phones, portable computers, cars, stereo headsets, MP3 players, and more. Because of the unique concept of "profiles," bluetooth enabled products do not need to install driver software. The low power consumption, small size and low cost of the chipset solution enables Bluetooth technology to be used in the tiniest of devices. Bluetooth makes it easier for people to communicate with each...

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