Techology to Reduce Pollution

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We often say that we must personally act towards reducing pollution but due to our busy lifestyle we almost forget all our promises of protecting environment. The developments and inventions in technology during the last few years has made our lives easy..comfortable and fast.It has also given us options that help us reduce the carbon footprint produced by each one of us. So here are some tips of how to reduce pollution by using digital technology :

So first tip is,making the most use of your computer to store pictures,files. Keep pictures u click saved in your computers and share it with your friends and family by means of portable storage devices like Pen Drives,cd etc:- This will give you a good advantage over the paper printed copies of the pictures, as most pictures you click may offer good resolution compared to paper printed copies. Use emails to send invitations .Go online to buy stuff.Nowadays u get everything u want right by the click of mouse.There are many online shopping sites like Ebay,Amazon etc where you can buy and sell things.In online shopping you also get discounts and home deliveries. Secondly,it saves paper as your are free from all paper bills, so you are helping to protection of environment.

Next idea of reducing pollution is using Electric and Hybrid vehicles. Nowadays many hybrid cars like Toyota Prius,Honda Civic Hybrid etc are gaining popularity among people. Besides saving fuel and reducing air pollution these cars also perform equally in terms of speed and comfort compared to other gasoline powered vehicles.Electric vehicles are very silent..even if you are travelling at top speed u may hardly hear any noise produced in by car. So if you plan to give your kid or wife a car/bike do consider the the option of Hybrid and electric cars.

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