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Now days every body uses a word Technology, but do you know, what is meaning of that word. We can say that it is much broader term as it includes different ideas, perception and views. In layman language we can say that it is the evolution of idea. It can be a thinking of a person by which he can improve an existing device or develop a new device that facilitates us.

We can see that how much impact the technology has made in our life. Now days we can see many technological inventions, that without it, we cannot imagine our life. Every body is using the technology in both our personal and professional life. It is important not only for those who developing it but also for those who use it in their day to day life.

Technology is a big term. Different people have different views and ideas about Technology. Technology also related to how knowledge can be use to do tasks using people and machines. The various definition of technology which clears our concept about this is as follows

• Technology is not only related to understanding the things but it is also related to implement the things. • It not only related the scientific knowledge but also include facts and practical knowledge. • Technology is a mixture of man, material and thing so we can develop the product and satisfy the goals. • Technology is the application of scientific development so that it can be beneficial for human being. • It is a knowledge of creating tool and developing the skills so that we can solve the problem • It is the set of both hardware and software that help us to think better. Technology includes all the objects from pencil and paper to the latest electronic gadget.

All the above definitions are appropriate or suitable in respect of technology. It includes vary vast concept inside it. It is an appropriate use of natural resources, so we can use these resources, in the development process. It a process of develop thinking that generates knowledge about the natural world.

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