Technology a Boon

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  • Published : November 12, 2011
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Chairman’s cup-technology is a boon

Good morning to one and all this topic has been discussed many times from the days of yore to the present day let me start by sharing few points Now days everybody uses a word Technology, but do you know, what is meaning of that word. In layman language we can say that it is the evolution of idea. It can be a thinking of a person by which he can improve an existing device or develop a new device that facilitates us.

We can see that how much impact the technology has made in our life. Now days we can see many technological inventions, that without it, we cannot imagine our life. Everybody is using the technology in life. Technology is a big term. Different people have different views and ideas about Technology. In the early stages when people used to make tools from stones or other objects since then technology has been continuously in the phase of development. The invention of various tools and techniques and the background knowledge helps the people to develop new things. Technology also helps people to develop certain things which people cannot imagine 1000 year ago, its great example is airplane. Technology can do a lot of things as it is doing in the recent time and on daily events. We can see every day some or...
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