Technology Within Art and Education

Topics: Education, Art, Teacher Pages: 6 (1939 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Technology Within Art and Education
Bethany Rodriguez
ARED 3302
October 11, 2011
Kennesaw State University

The advances in technology are influencing millions, specifically art education, teachers, and students. Many educators encourage the growth of technology and crave more inside the classroom, whereas some students and teachers are not as easily impressed with up-and-coming technological advances. Finding monetary and material-based resources can be hard to find in a struggling economy, however, it is important to do research to find any help there could be in the community. By giving students the accessibility to differe, educators will enable every student the same opportunity to explore different resources using technology, gaining a more well-rounded education. Keywords: technology, art education, educators, iPad

For centuries, the way to get information across the world was through written word and a road trip; the way to show expression was through a hands-on approach involving painting, drawing or other artistic media; the way to research information was through card catalogs and the dewy decimal system. For centuries, education was a privilege for those of the correct race, age, gender, and class, until now. Technology has changed everything. It takes less than five-seconds to send a message to the other side of the world, any one can express themselves through artistic means, any one can find an answer to a question, and any one can have an education. The internet is the number one resource that changed the world. The use of digital media has changed the art world tremendously as well as transformed the education system forever, thus, changing art education. Since there are millions of resources for students and teachers on the internet, the education system is welcoming and adapting to new and inventive ways of teaching. Many encourage the transformation, some worry to what extent digital media will overrun traditional approaches to art, and some would love the benefits of technology in their classroom, but struggle to find the monetary means to obtain such materials. By using various resources, this paper will address the benefits, the drawbacks, and inform with tools school systems can use to integrate technology into their classroom.

In the 90’s, we had VHS and analog television, now we have Netflix and iPads. Many educators celebrate these technological advances (iPad). While using iPad’s in the classroom, teachers have realized it is easier to reach goals faster as well as really accelerate their students understanding of the material reducing lecture time significantly ( U.S Congress, 1995; Querry, 2011). There are so many ways to teach technology in the classroom, it is different for every teacher; some may be comfortable with new software, and some teachers may be more comfortable teaching by using video, photography, etc (U.S Congress, 1995). Some teachers provide students with the method of teaching the entire classroom by following along together, and some teachers prefer to teach based on letting the students practice on their own answering their own questions to the objective given by the teacher, who acts more like a facilitator (U.S. Congress, 1995). There can be more attention to individual higher-order thinking, and less on memorization of facts (Kent & McNergney, 1999). Another great benefit from computers and interactive media, means teachers can now expect more from their students as well as move through material at a faster pace (U.S Congress, 1995). By using technology in the classroom, it allows the students the ability to work on one thing, and the teacher another, moving class along smoothly and at a faster pace with something interactive as opposed to just reading from a textbook. Teachers can also expect more from themselves. Never has having a teaching community been easier. Though, users...
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