Technology Used in Courtrooms

Topics: Jury, Bench, Ethics Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Technology Used in Courtrooms
By: Barbara Weigle
Law Office Management- 3
Week 5 Individual Work

What are some of the practical and ethical issues that can arise from electronic usage by a law firm in the courtroom? Please explain. There is a fear that if the use of technology in a courtroom may create a bias in the judicial process by affecting the judges or the jurors in their decision-making process. The fear has been mentioned by several different people that I know personally. The defendant may say that someone manipulated a kind of evidence that is against them such as a tape recording. The defendant may say that it was replaced by special effects which now these days there are a lot of forgery going on. Unless they have a professional go over the evidence of the tape recording it should not be summative into court evidence. These concerns can be countered with important consideration of the role of technology in the courtrooms today. I believe we need the new technology, because it would answer the numerous questions everyone has such as who’s DNA was found on the murder victims dress. I think any evidence that was summated by a professional with the credentials to proof that they are able to provide the adequate information into the courtroom. The benefits of the technology bring the ability to process enormous amounts of information in a short period of time. Parties and judges can exchange documents, files and even visual and audio recordings instantly without a problem. It’s easier to handle the huge quantity of documents on a computer rather carried into the hearing. Back then they had to carry a lot of paperwork, now with the new technology such as computers, laptops and other devices has helped especially in the time that they have in each day. Other benefits of the technology will help the vulnerable witnesses be questioned in a safe location without having to suffer from stress or anxiety of a court appearance especially for...
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