Technology Used by Ups

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2. What technologies are used in UPS?
Technology has played a large role in UPS’s ability to expand and grow to serve globally in more than 200 countries and territories. UPS relies on several technologies to gain a competitive advantage against rival companies. The company streamlines processes by utilization of bar- code scanning systems, wireless networks, a mainframe computer, a portable computing device, software products and the internets.

The technologies uses in UPS are:

1. UPSnet
It is a global electronic data communication network that provides an information processing pipeline for international package processing and delivery.

Using a handheld computer device called a DIAD [Delivery Information Acquisition Device], the driver electronically captures information about each package, including the time of delivery and even the signature of the person receiving the package. This information is transmitted via cellular telephone from the package car to UPS computers, where it is available for customers to trace their packages or verify proof of delivery.

3. UPS – Online- Tools
UPS allows customers to download, free of charge, electronic tools [APIs, that is, Application Program Interface] which are:

* UPS Tracking: Both the shipper and recipient of a package can track the status of the package directly from the UPS website. Information available from the tracking system includes location of the package on its journey from the shipper to recipient and estimated time of delivery of the package.

* UPS Rates and Service Selection: A tool that allows a customer to estimate the cost of sending a package. The customer enters the size and weight of the package, pickup and drop- off locations and requested service type then a quotation is provided for the cost of sending the package.

* UPS Time in Transit: Customers can use this tool to estimate the ground transportation time for sending packages from the package pick-up point to the final destination.

* UPS Address Validation : To reduce the risk of packages not arriving at the correct destination or being delayed; this tool validates the address and ZIP Code to which the package is to be delivered while the delivery request is being entered.

* UPS Signature Tracking: In addition to tracking a package, businesses can also obtain Valuable Proof of Delivery [P.O.D] information including a digitized signature and delivery address. This powerful tool enables companies to obtain P.O.D of goods often needed to collect on an invoice. UPS signature Tracking provides P.O.D in seconds, enabling companies to shorten the time between the sale and the collection of funds. This tool advances UPS’ tracking technology.

* UPS Shipping Technology: With the UPS Shipping Tool, businesses can bring UPS; web- based shipping to their employees desktops. The tool also allows a company to customize the interface to meet their business needs.

4. UPS Shipping Technology

*®: Millions of UPS customers perform critical small package and /or freight shipping functions on daily. The Web site receives 18.5 million page views per day and has
107 unique country sites. The site also receives an impressive 22.7 million small package tracking requests on average every business.

* UPS campusShip® : CampusShip is a Web-based, UPS-hosted distributed shipping solution that allows employees of companies with widespread facilities and decentralized workforces to easily process and ship packages with UPS from their computer desktops. CampusShip gives transportation and mailroom decision- makers centralized control over shipping procedures and costs.

* UPS WorldShip®: WorldShip is one of the most widely deployed transportation software applications in the world. A full- featured, Windows-based, shipping software designed for customers with high- volume shipping needs. WorldShip streamlines...
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