Technology: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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  • Published : April 20, 2011
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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Writer's Memo:
For my research paper, I would really like to discuss how modern technology is taking away our intelligence. I read a statistic the other day that read, 19% of child between the ages of two and four can operate an Iphone application, but only 9% can tie their shoes. This quote startled me and caused me to realize that we, as humans, are slowly loosing are ability to do simple tasks such as learning to tie our shoes. There is so much advanced technology out there now, that there is little we have to do for ourselves now. The Ipad is the new pen and paper. Laptops and computers spell out words for us. Even in all the hoopla, it gets bad. People have bags under their eyes from staring at screens. Arthritis is forming in the hands of excessive texters, young and old.

I don't want to just rattle off reasons of why technology is bad. There are some positives as well. So, I will incorporate how technology is good while expressing the reasons why it is bad as well. I want people to realize how they are being affected by technology because, if they do not see it now, then it will only be worse for their children. Their children will eventually be sucked into the technology trap as well.

I think that a good title for my paper is: Technology: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I think the title is a good way to present my topic that is respectful, but informative. The object is to inform. It is not to get people to stop buying new technology. I hope to open the eyes of those who think that technology is the best thing for us.

My thesis statement will be something along the lines of:
Today's technology is not only better than it was before, it is also worse.


Today's technology is not only better than it was before, it is also worse.
I. There are many good matters when it comes to technology.
A. Technology makes life a lot simpler.
1. People no longer need to take a long time to do anything; food, coffee, research.
B. Technology can help people who cannot help themselves
1. People who are immobile have ways of getting around now.
II. Technology really is not good for us.
A. It may be causing cancer.
1. Radiation from talking on the phone.
B. Stops old ways of relational communication.
1. From letters to phones to texting.
III. Technology could be lowering our intelligence levels
A. It stops people from thinking for themselves.
1. All people need to do now is open the internet on their phone look something up.
B. Children no longer passing spelling tests.
1. Leading cause is spell-check on computers
Technology is a good thing, but we might be letting too much of it affect us.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
In the world today, technology has advanced so much, but as good as it is, it is also bad. Have we become so deceived that we cannot see what technology does to us right below the surface? Do not get me wrong technology is brilliant, but it is not always positive. There are many negative facts about technology that you may not know. Technology has evolved a lot is just the past two or three years. There have been innovations that makes tasks easier, such as computers, or things that are more compact and easier to carry around. Many good things have come from technology. Refrigerators, gas and electric stoves, microwaves, vacuums, dishwashers....the list goes on and on. All these things have made housework much easier than it would have been about 100 years ago. A lot of these help us have more time to do others things. The negative side to this is what we end up doing with all the extra spare time. Sometimes it is not spent wisely. There are many other negative effects of technology. The Good

Before pointing out all those negative facts about technology, there are good things as well. As I...
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