Technology: the Ever-Growing Necessity

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Video game Pages: 4 (1348 words) Published: October 12, 2010
How would we survive without technology? How were people before our time able to contact someone is less than a minute a thousand miles away? How were they able to navigate to an unknown area? Today there is a form of technology for every need. Phones and computers can be used for; communication, getting directions, and any piece of information a person could ever want to obtain. Technology affects the way individuals communicate, learn and think. People are immersed in the world of technology. Society reaps the rewards of technology on a daily basis, and without it, many would be left in utter confusion and chaos. Technology improves society by making it easier to communicate, interact, learn, and navigate in our ever-changing and constantly expanding world.

The world would not be as connected without technology. One form of technology that is essential to the communicating is the cell phone. Before the invention of the telephone, communication was slow and limited to Morse code or sending letters. Now, in addition to calling people, there are a multiple means of communication including email, instant messaging and text messaging. James Katz, a professor from Rutgers University, states “Current statistics indicate that two billion people currently have subscriptions for cellular phones, referred to in Europe as “mobiles,” enough phones for one third of the planet's population” (Katz). Cell phones make it possible for a family in Africa to communicate with other family members in America instantaneously. This is important because it allows families to communicate in times of crisis or news without the wait of news sent by mail. Cell phones also make is possible for parents to communicate and keep in touch with their kids at school. This allows parents to rest assured that if their child is in danger, they will be able to contact their parents. Technological communication keeps families close no matter how far away they are. Katz believes “that cell phones, by...
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