Technology Solutions for Human Services

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Technology Solutions for Human Services

Technology Solutions for Human Services
When working with any group of individuals in an effort to assist, it is important to identify resources that can become a tool in the helping process. One helpful technology that Providers use to assist in the human service field is the computer. People in the Human Service field can search the web for additional services, write a paper or recommendation of services, create a presentation in order to advocate or mediate, database, or spreadsheet. One main use of the computer in the human service field is for record keeping. This kind of technology helps meet the client needs and provide services more efficiently. Human services help all type of people. An example, the elderly population is one that faces barriers, but technological applications are used to overcome these barriers. By not using the proper technology, human services must be aware of barriers that hinder services, accurateness, and proficiency. By making use of technology, human services can process information, store information, and convert changes steadily/securely and carefully. It can also save money in the future for the client and organization. Applications of Technology

Technology may not always be beneficial, especially when refereeing to the elderly, but by using the proper technology certain barriers can be eliminated. Elderly faces barriers like providing the right services, planning programs, and funding troubles. At some point, if blessed with a long life, everyone will become a member of this population. Eldercare involves emotional support and a variety of other services, including financial assistance. Like many populations, the elderly adults of today’s society often face unmet needs when left on their own, especially when they know little of technology. Providers believe that technology is a need to help the elderly population live with superiority and with dignity in...
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