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Human Services: Overcoming Barriers through Technology Solutions

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Human Services: Overcoming Barriers through Technology Solutions

In the field of human services, it is important that the management and administration of a certain agency update their methods of processing information and organizing the tasks with the everyday challenge of satisfying the customer’s different needs. Presently, technology has been fast-evolving that with new innovations at hand, people in the human services departments of agencies that cater the society should also take hold of such developments. It is true that technology is a way of updating and developing the method in which a given agency operates. But that is not all; technology, in some cases can be the only solution to a given problematic issue in human services. On these specific cases, technology not only makes tasks easier but also enables a complicated work to be done in which without technology, is impossible to achieve.

Technology solutions can be employed in many of the barriers in human services regarding planning, funding, empowerment and the services itself. Some of these barriers are vision, hearing, learning or cognitive, physical and economic barriers (ATAccess, 2005). Although these barriers were intended to explain barriers in web access, they can also be considered as barriers that social service agencies face in their everyday interaction with clients. This can be evident in many situations. Nevertheless, the goal of this paper is to discuss three of these barriers in detail and offer suggestions as to how these three barriers can be effectively conquered. The barriers to be discussed are learning or cognitive, physical and economic barriers. To better understand the succeeding discussions, the barriers concerned with social service should first be clarified.

Learning or cognitive barriers in the field of social services are those that concern the difficulty in understanding the technologies at hand of the employees or agents. This is also the given illiteracy of the dental staff in computer software and applications. Another example of this type is that which concerns the user-friendliness of the dental website to customers who communicate with the office through the internet. The next set of barriers is the physical barrier. If the learning or cognitive barrier involve not understanding how the software or available technology works, the physical barrier entails the disability of the users of the computer in utilizing the different peripherals such as the mouse (ATAccess, 2005). Lastly, when conversing about economic barriers, the questions that arise would be those that comprise issues of finance, profit, cost and expenses. Such type of barriers is very common with social services since it is very significant in the management of funding and stability of the agency.

Upon discussing the different barriers that challenge social service and human service providers, it is presently appropriate to explain in detail in what specific areas do these barriers produce negative and problematic circumstances. In so discussing such areas, it is also appropriate to recommend ways in which these particular barriers in the development of social and human services can be surmounted. For a clearer examination of these possible technological solutions to developmental barriers, one should first assume some important features that are commonly and already assembled in a typical social service office so that in discussing each aspect, it would only entail the current issues that govern matters of technological solutions, specifically, those of computer software and applications with a little bit of hardware peripherals and add-ons. Describing a typical social or human service...
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