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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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THE SURE SOLUTION TO UNEMPLOYMENT IS A BETTER QUALITY OF EDUCATION * Unemployment is a very big deal in most developing countries with a developing economy, i.e South Africa. In the case of employment and unemployment one can’t look at it in one perspective; instead broader solution should be brought about the matter. Education “is the sure solution to unemployment, having being independent or dependent one would be in a safe position if educated or educationally equipped.

* The matter of unemployment can’t be measured by uneducated people, there are many reasons why people are unemployed or the rate of unemployment is too high; an uneducated society is just one of the most lists of the most reasons. This leads in persuading that the “sure solution to unemployment is better quality of education”, but is one of the most suggested solutions and can not be guaranteed to effectively assist in the matter. The fact of reality is that there are many people who are well educated and are highly qualified but still there under the hand of being unemployed, if one is employed the matter would be he/she is not posted in the field of their qualification.

* Taking an broad view in the unemployment, this issue is brought by many reasons i.e lack of entrepreneurial or business opportunities is also the reason why there is a high level of unemployment. On the side of quality education the government may make means to improve the quality of education and get our society to be well educated but still if theirs is not much entrepreneurial platform which will create even more job opportunities then it a step backward for the country. As much as the quality of education may be improved; there are fundamentals that the state has to protect i.e making means of supporting the existing companies and organizations in order to avoid retrenchment and closures which will lead to a highlighting the level of unemployment.

* It is in the hands of the state to...
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