Technology Simplifies Modern Life

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Topic : Technology Simplifies Modern life
I cannot really imagine the modern life today without the use of Technology. We live in a society that depends entire on Technology, whether be writing letters to relatives that stay far, whether be paying our monthly bills, watching news, studying online, listening to good music and searching for information from the Internet. Our lives are basically controlled and managed by Technology. If you like you can call us technology based society. Like everything else Technology has its negative side, it is not always useful because there are people that are manipulating it. The negative side of Technology cannot stop people from using it, but those who are manipulating technology by using it for their criminal activities has to be stopped one way or the other. With technology you can be in many places at once without being there physically. I remember this one day, I went to the South African Revenue Services to query a penalty. While I was there, I had my Ipad with me and I remember I needed to make some payments to a few service providers. I was able to make all my payments at once while I was still in SARS. I could also read and respond to all my emails and be able to sms my wife and call my dad while waiting on the queue. I could also log to myUnisa to talk with my fellow student and check whether there are any announcements posted by my lectures. With Technology also I was able to research about all essays assignment given to me by my lectures. Let me just share with you the experience I had when I first registered with Unisa. When I first registered for this Course, I made an application online and later received an acknowledged sms of my application via my cellphone and what I needed to submit in order for my application to be considered. I did exactly what the sms said and I kept receiving sms from Unisa and was told to attend a workshop for registration in Benoni which I did. December I went back to Benoni center...
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