Technology Simplifies Modern Life

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Technology simplifies modern life

Technology has simplified the lives of our society in this modern day life. In the past people used to write letters to each other as a form of communication. The study and knowledge of practitioners specially the individual use of scientific discoveries that simplifies modern life and it keeps changing, growing and advancing. In the 21st century technology has improved exponentially to satisfy people’s lives enabling them to perform big things, ones that we wouldn’t have been able to perform centuries ago.

In the past times things were different there was no electricity, people had to make use of candles in order to have light in their homes. There were no cell phones, no fridges, computers or microwaves. The past years were the dark ages for in those times you could not just pick up a phone and call for there were no phones back then and the only means of communication were telegrams or one would have to wright a letter and give it to someone who is heading to the direction of the person you wish to communicate with or send it through the post office. Over the past years scientists discoveries were still in the beginning stages and the technology was not as improved as those in the modern life for the lives of the people of those times didn’t live a simple life but it was improving even though they had to do most of the work before any form of gadget that they might have had at their disposal would work for them.

Technology has helped many individuals and is still helping people today still for example calculators that were invented years ago to help people with the calculations without having to use rocks or sticks to count, phones which are still being used today and have improved so much that scientist discovered a way of providing a mobile phone for those who are always on the road may have a way to communicate with their families as well.

In this 21st century technology has improved making the lives of people...
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