Technology Ruining Our Brains

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Is Our Own Intelligence Just An Outdated Computer?
Today, many people find themselves using the Internet for almost everything. In fact, our society would probably have a very difficult time without access to the Web. It is an easy and convenient way to find what we are looking for, but has humanity become dependent on it? Has it turned our brains into mesh? Some say the modern generation is lazy, and the Internet is to blame for this. Contrary to that argument, access to technology has tremendously improved our world in many ways. The real concern arises from Nicholas Carr’s, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Carr grabs the attention of most, if not all, the viewers of this title, as he uncovers his highly critical article of the Internet’s effect on cognition. Carr employs numerous strategies to influence the attitudes, actions, and beliefs of his audience. Interestingly, he doesn’t particularly aim his writing to a specific age group or a distinct group of people; he broadens his article because it can apply to anyone. Carr uses Google as a reference intentionally because it is so well known across the Nation. This clever technique grasps the viewers’ attention because who wouldn’t want to know if Google is making us stupid? Carr utilizes many captivating patterns throughout his argument, many of which include the constant switching from fact to fiction, thorough evidence, cause and effect, and strong opinions. Carr starts his article with a bizarre quote from the movie, “Space Odyssey.” The quote describes the character’s fear of his distorted mind, as it is literally being disconnected from the Internet. This method engages the audience because he manipulates an amusing fact from the movie into an idea in which the Internet will take over. He quickly follows this thought-provoking idea by an opinion. Carr relates himself to the character by expressing his feelings as if “someone, or something has been tinkering with [his] brain [and] reprogramming the...
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