Technology of E-Commerce

Topics: Certificate authority, Electronic commerce, Public key infrastructure Pages: 25 (5401 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Technologies for E-Commerce: An Overview*
NN Murthy, BM Mehtre, KPR Rao, GSR Ramam, PKB Harigopal, & KS Babu Center of Excellence for E-Commerce
CMC Center-R&D, CMC Limited
Old Mumbai Highway, Gachibowli
Hyderabad – 500 019, Andhra Pradesh
E-mail: {nnm, mehtre, keerthi, hgopal, ramam, suri}

The technologies for e-commerce comprise of all components required for transacting businesses in electronic (digital) domain. The various components or subsystems making up the e-commerce super system include Digital Payment Systems, Payment server, Payment Gateway, Wallet, and security systems like Firewall and Intrusion Detection. Digital Payment Systems include payment instruments like e-cheque, and credit cards. EWallet is used to hold different payment instruments. Payment Server and Payment Gateways help to realize the end-to-end payment in the electronic domain. Public Key Infrastructure is the necessary infrastructure required for effective operation of ecommerce in real life applications. In this paper, we present a brief description of the aforementioned technologies for e-commerce being developed at Center of Excellence for E-Commerce. This is referred to as CMC's Suite of E-Commerce Technologies. We also present TWINS test-bed application being developed as part of this project. TWINS (Twin Cities Information Network Service), operational at twin cities of Hyderabad-Secunderabad, facilitates payment of various utility bill payment (like water, electricity, etc.) through a single window system. Payment of water bills through internet using E-Cheque will be operational soon. This enables customers to pay their bills from anywhere, anytime. Thus, realizing the benefits of e-commerce to the citizens.

Key Words: Digital Signature, Digital Certificate, E-Cheque, Payment Methods, Certificate Server, Public Key Infrastructure, Payment Server, Payment Gateway, Electronic Wallet, Digital Payment System, Certification Authority, Bill Payment, eCommerce. * This project is funded by Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India, for a period of 2 years from April 1999.

Presented at Informatica – 2001, National Seminar on Ecommerce, Hyderabad, Jan 20, 2001. An earlier version of this paper has been presented at the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers 43rd Annual Technical Convention (ATC – 2000) on E-Commerce, 30 September – 01 October 2000, New Delhi.

1. Introduction
With deeper penetration and spread of Internet, more and more applications are becoming available. E-commerce is one such enabling technology, which has wide spread utility touching almost every body in society. It helps buyers and sellers, individuals and business, retail and bulk suppliers. In fact, electronic commerce (e-commerce, for short) has very attractive features like anywhere, anytime shopping / banking (24 hours x 365 days) and no holidays, zero inventory, no middlemen, and so forth. It helps customers to compare various products in the range and class, study their features/performance and make an informed decision about the merchandise before purchasing. On the other hand, sellers/producers also get advantage of targeted customers without doing active marketing. If information about goods/merchandise is made available on web (internet), the intended buyer will get the information, without active advertisement of the goods by the producer. Thus, both the parties, buyers and sellers, get unique advantages by ecommerce technology. The rest of the paper is organized as follows: section 2 is on Wallet and 3 on E-Cheque, section 4 and 5 describe Payment Server and Payment Gateway respectively, section 6 describes on-line billing system, section 7 describes Public Key infrastructure, section 8 is on network security and Conclusions are given in section 9. The references are given at the end.

2. CMC’s E-Wallet
With the growth of business on Internet, new electronic payment methods are evolving....
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