Technology of the Future

Topics: Medical ultrasonography, Ultrasound, Medical imaging Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: January 20, 2011
Technology of the Future
CIS 105
Sunday October 3, 2010

Technology of the Future
There are numerous different technological devices in society today and countless more to come in the near future, but one of today’s technological devices that are used nearly every day is Medical sonography (ultrasonography/ultrasound) an ultrasound-based diagnostic imaging technique used to visualize muscles and internal organs, their size, structures and possible pathologies or lesions. (, n.d.) Medical sonography was first applies to the humans body for medical purposes by Dr. George Ludwing at the Naval Medical Research Institute, Bethesda, Maryland in the late 1940s. (, n.d.)

For an ultrasound to work there are events that must happen: in the first event the ultrasound machine transmit high-frequency (1 to 5 megahertz) sound pulses into the body using a probe. The second event sound waves travel into the body and hit a boundary between tissues. The third event some of the sound waves get reflected (is the change in direction of a wave front at an interface between two different media so that the wave front returns into the medium from which it originated.) (TheFreeDictionary, n.d.) Back to the probe, while some travel on further until they reach another boundary and get reflected. The fourth event the reflected waves are picked up by the probe and relayed to the machine. The fifth event the machine calculates the distance from the probe to the tissue or organ using speed of sound in tissues (5,005 ft/s or 1,540m/s) and the time of the each echo’s return. The sixth and final event the machine displays the distances and intensities of the echoes on the screen, forming a two dimensional image. (Freudenrich, Ph, 22,)

Ultrasounds have come a long way over the years when first coming out ultrasound images were only done in 2D, now images can be generated into 3D and 4D images. To generated 3D images the ultrasound machine...
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