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Technology Moves Ahead Making Smaller and Better Products and It ...

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Technology Moves Ahead Making Smaller and Better Products and It Has Been the Same in the Field of Mobile Phones

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Technology moves ahead making smaller and better products and it has been the same in the field of mobile phones. Starting with 1G, the country has seen the evolution of 2G and then 3G and there are talks of 4G soon arriving in India. Before moving ahead, it would be pertinent to note that G is only an acronym for generation and the real difference lies in the technologies that are adopted in wireless network. 3G rollout in India first commenced in 2008 by MTNL under the name “3G Jadoo,” there are around 2 million 3G subscribers now. The 3G deployment in India is aggressively being carried out since late last year with the conclusion of 3G spectrum auction for private operators. 2G

One step ahead of 1G, 2G uses narrow band wireless digital network. It allows more clarity of voice than 1G which used analogue signals. Both these technologies were based upon circuit switching. 2G deals with voice calls only and allows only text messaging, also known as SMS. 2G allowed roaming facility which was not possible with 1G and having a phone with 2G; one could go abroad and still connect to folks back in the country, albeit with some limitations. All the 2G networks that include GSM, CDMA and DAMPS were launched in the country in the early 1990’s and they were the first digital cellular systems. In between the 2nd and the 3rd generations, there was an intermediate generation called 2.5G, which show some technology upgrades from 2G. The General Packet radio Service or GPRS is not used with early 2G phones. It was a development in 2.5 G, and later EDGE technology was introduced as further development to 2.5G. The present network widespread in India is 2.5 G. 3G

The 3G was introduced to overcome the hurdles that 2G could not cross. 3G uses both circuit and packet switching technologies and makes use of wide band wireless networks that allows more voice clarity and it looks as if the person we are talking to is sitting next to us. Packet Switching is the technology used for...

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