Technology: Mobile Phone and Rapid Technological Change

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Mobile phone radiation and health Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Rapid technological change has shaped the world we live in today. Far from having a positive influence, living in a hi-tech world dependent on computers and mobile devices has distanced us from what is really important in life. How far do you agree? Rapid technological change has shaped the world we live in today. With advancing technology, there has been a significant progress in many aspects of our lives. But some people hold belief that the disadvantages of living dependently on high-tech devices outweigh the advantages of its. Technology has distanced us far from what is really important in our lives. Basically, this is what comes into my mind about this issue.

To begin with, the fact that modern technology has made life easier and safer can not be denied. Around the globe, people can quickly reach huge sources of information in very short time. However, the way people keep their eyes in front of computers or devices for searching information is considered as a waste of time. Video games makes children turn away from their learning and practicing outdoor activities. Student at university or college spend their leisure time on surfing the internet and listening to music by computers or mobile phones instead of joining volunteer programs as they did before. Workers who spend part of their office hours in non-work related online activities are undoubtedly dragging down the workplace productivity. Traditionally speaking, time does not wait for anyone. It seems that living dependently on high-tech makes us forget about time value.

To move on with the second point, technology actually has a bad influence on our health. Recently, there has been a sharply increase of near sighted people. Keeping eyes in front of the screens all the time makes students short-sighted seriously, which strongly affects their learning at university. Some people admit that they get some illnesses related to brain because of using devices too much. Medical experts say that mobile...
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