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  • Published : May 11, 2011
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Aaron Walker
AN310 Cultural Anthropology
Assignment 05 Cultural Anthropology
May 1, 2011

The extreme increase in the use of technology has drastically changed the lives of many families across the world. From a computer that would take up an entire room and weighed tons of pounds and cost as much as $450,000, to a home computer that could handle a range of activities. Even though technology has positively contributed to our standard of living, families have realized the negative effect it has also.

As Graham T. T. Molitor stated the Moore’s Law, which anticipates computer abilities to double every 18 months. New technology becomes outdated as soon as it is introduced. This accurate, remarkable prediction has enabled families to enjoy faster, better, and less costly technologies. For many of us, communicating with family used to mean sending letters through the mail and getting no response until weeks later. With improved technology and cheaper material these technological devices has made communication more efficient. With faster, better technology now families can converse across boundaries and solve complex problems in an instant.

Dr. J.A. English-Lueck observed that technology has been integrated into the home life of many families. The boundaries between work and home has been dissolved and reestablished by telecommuting. Telecommuting is keeping families and companies connected with counterparts around the world. Workers can stay in contact with co-workers in different sites at different times of day by email and voicemail. Thus creating an environment where family life is being manipulated by the work at home relationship. Many adults find themselves bringing work and worries home interfering with family life. Technology has created a shift in the parent child relationship. Parents find themselves extending their parental role through the control of devices, text, emails and cellular phones.

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