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Topics: Food, Food processing, Technology Pages: 16 (4842 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Technology Management and Innovation
(MRC 1113)

Individual Assignment

Retort Technology in Malaysian Food Industry:
Can it be a Competitive Weapon

Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Khairuzzaman Wan Ismail

Submission Date:
May 13, 2012

Submitted By:
Nazifa Bte Abd. Ghani
(MR 111037)

International Business School
University Technology Malaysia
May , 2012

Retort Technology in Malaysian Food Industry:
Can it be a Competitive Weapon

Nazifa Abd Ghani

The effects on the quality product of shrimp sauce were determined by using two different packaging method. A literature review of general information on Retort pouches, processing, emerging technology in packaging industry as well as the success factors on using Retort technology are presented. A Retort pouch packaging has been found to provide shorter processing time and this lead to the achievement of minimum cost packaging system compared to the conventional cans. Although the costs for acquiring and maintaining Retort technology are higher than a canning system, but the operation process and expenses related to the packaging system are found to be lower and worth depending on them. Retort technology color (by Minolta L*a*b* colorimeter), processing time, hardness, chewiness, moisture contents, toughness and firmness are the significant parameters determined in this study. The results of this study is significant in food packaging industry because the Retort technology revealed its beneficial to companies productivity and product quality with shorter processing time.

Shelf life of a food is integrally related to its packaging and the product conditions. The major driving forces for innovation in food packaging technology had increased due to the rise in consumer demands. Retort technology systems use steam or superheated water to cook food in its own package, thus extending shelf life and ensuring food safety.

Manufacturers of food products who face a challenge in making their packaging product attractive consumers to should design packages with an innovative look. The revolution in packaging technology has boost up food suppliers mind to be creative in providing a convenient food to the consumer. In fact most of the grocery shops or supermarkets want the food product they buy from the manufacturer to be as convenient as possible. In fact, from the consumer point of view, the less time they spend to prepare a meal, the better. As mentioned before, new advance in technology of packaging has begun to transform the marketing and goods of food products. Retort pouch technology is the solution to meet consumers demand that will help consumers save time and energy.

This paper will investigate the significant advantages of acquiring Retort technology in terms of the quality attribution of the produced products in comparison with the conventional canned.

In order to know the competitive advantage of using Retort technology, the study of processing time on biochemical as well as examining the characteristics of the “ shrimp sauce “ in retort pouches with the conventional cans of identical pack sizes are investigated.

As the quality of the food will increase by using Retort technology, so the conventional food packaging material will be substituted.

The emerging technology in the food packaging industry resulted from the increasing demand among consumers. Retort is feasible to be a competitive weapon for manufacturers who applied this technology in their factories. As a matter of fact, to adequate this technology among food manufacturers is not a must, but having this technology clearly gives a great impact in improvement of productivity.

Keywords: Retort Technology, shelf life, food processing, Retort pouch...
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