Technology Make More Harm Than Good

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Is Technology Doing More Harm Than Good? 

The first significant advancement in technology was the invention of fire around 1 million years ago, this enabled humans to cook food, and create other items such as spears and utensils. Technology now has improved sharply, and with Tvs, MP3s, Computers etc our way of life has changed. 

With the introduction of Mp3s, Tvs and computers, life for humans have become easier but also lazier. Obesity in children is at peak levels in Australia, United States and in the United Kingdom. Kids are preferring to stay at home and play computer games rather than going out and socialising like they used to. Quite simply kids are losing their social life, getting fatter, growing more violent and are having low academic achievements all because of their addictive games on Xboxes,Play Stations etc. A research on gaming has shown that:

*The U.S. video game market reached nearly $10.5 billion in sales in 2005. The world-wide market is expected to grow to $46.5 billion by 2010.

*A study of over 2,000 8 to 18 year-olds found that 83% of them have at least one video game player in their home, 31% have 3 or more video game players in their home, and 49% have video game players in their bedrooms.

*In the top 10 video game charts 89% of the games contained some form of violence, 50% contained damage to a character.

The growing technology also has detrimental effects in adults as well. In the business world more and more machinery and computers are taking over our jobs. This ultimately means that as technology grows, more and more jobs will be lost which might lead to a high level of unemployment.

Advancement in medical technology is probably the only good result from the never ending advancement in technology. We have discovered new ways to fight and cure diseases and save lives, but ironically we have also found new ways to kill ourselves with guns, nuclear weapons etc.

Technology will inevitably continue to grow, but we...
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