Technology Kills Humanity

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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Technology Kills Humanity
Wonderstruck by LIYANA SYED
“The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people “ – Karl Marx I’ve always imagined how this world would be like if everyone in earth, especially teenagers, is continuously using and depending on the technology in everyday life. As we know, the production of gadgets like Smartphones, Ipad, Ipod are gradually increasing year by year and the usage of the Internet is getting easier as we have the Wi-Fi Connection in almost any area. This could probably result into people having the lack of social communication and thinking skill in life. Even though it is said that the Internet as a technology wonder, I dare say that the Internet use has a negative influence on the individual. Technology separates individuals from reality. I’ve experienced this situation before and it happened in a restaurant few days back. While I was eating dinner with my friends, I’ve noticed a family consist of five people were eating next to our table. They had three children between the age of 10-16 I guess, and I realized that each and every one of them is holding their hand phones on their hands, fingers tapping almost every second on the screen of their phones and not even a single word came out from them leaving their parents talking to each other. So you see? Where is the sense of respect that’s left for the teenagers today to their parents? It’s just awful to see this scene in front of my eyes. Technology disconnects people from the real world. When the communication skills are decreasing, people will tend to spend less time chatting with the family members, going through more daily stress and feeling lonelier.

Not forgetting gadgets like Nintendo DS, PSP,PS3 which mostly are gadgets for playing games, are turning little kids into little monsters as they insisted their parents to buy it for them. I even have a cousin the age of 3 years old holding the PSP with his cute little hands playing games...
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