Technology Is Used Scientifically and Just for Fun

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  • Published : December 9, 2008
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Modern Technology

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to kick off the evening by saying I am delighted to represent technology as the category in opposition to books.

It is obvious to mention that technology is taking over the world and each and every day something new, yet extraordinary is being invented.

Nowadays, technology is used scientifically and just for fun. But if you really think deep about technology, the speed of the developments is making it easier for us, humans to think of only advantages on modern technology. Nevertheless some people argue that science can destroy mankind. Eg; Robots will be built to clone humans, robots will take over the world, the first genetically cloned human brain will be implanted in a robot which will enable to feel human emotions, and maybe even create some kind of robotic offspring. One thing I would also like to state is technology is only created by our minds, with our imaginations. Without imaginations, no technology would have been created.

For example if it weren’t for Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone wouldn’t be invented and we would have no way of talking to someone unless we either wrote a letter or were speaking to them upfront. What if there was an emergency. Your mother, father, friend, sibling or grandparent had a fatal accident and you needed assistance immediately. You couldn’t just write a letter to 999/ emergency assistance could you?

Furthermore, books are boring. Everyone knows that. Teachers don’t like books anymore either. That’s why they buy smartboards .
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