Technology Is Consuming the World

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, BlackBerry Pages: 6 (2172 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Technology is consuming the world
Laquantis A. Burton
Malone University

This essay explores the abundant living in a consumer culture. In other words, it thoroughly explores the topic by drawing on my own experiences with current consumerism in its many forms, while also drawing upon the Malone University’s philosophy of values and determining what may constitute an “abundant life” today, and realizing how technology aids us. By examining certain things like cell phones, internet, and television, we can easily see technology can easily interfere with or assists us in pursuing your version of an abundant and spiritual life. The only way to live abundantly and fully is to base our lives on spiritualty. God is the only one who fulfills us and defines us completely.

When I sit back and look upon my life, I see that technology play a huge role in my everyday life. Checking my social media sites, doing on-line homework / research, and even carrying my hand held tablet explain the many ways I utilize technology. I currently have two cell phones, one Kindle Fire, a laptop and a flat screen television (until something new comes out). From experience, I can see how I fall into the addicting hands of consumerism, because people are constantly building and creating new versions of items that have better quality and features than the version before. Not only to mention how technology play a role in education, jobs, and communication outside of the struggle with consumerism. Before I was introduced to a free internet world, I thought there was nothing past the educational programs Fessenden Elementary School allowed their students to access in the computer lab. Before I got into seventh grade, I was all about going to school, going to sport practice afterwards, and coming home to do homework and then maybe a little bit of television before I call it a day. Our family owned game systems such as a Play Station One, Gameboy, Game Cube, Super Mario Dros, and Duck Hunt. You can see technology wasn’t well developed yet. These games got played out and after a while we didn’t play them anymore. Furthermore, I was not allowed to have a cell phone at the time because I wasn’t old enough, as my mom would say. In time I turned old enough to get my first pre-paid cell phone under the cell phone company ALLTEL (which isn’t around anymore). It wasn’t the nicest of phones, but I could expand the boundaries I was used to and call, text, and search the web. With this my eyes were opened and I saw that there was more to the world than my regular routine. Once I got my cell phone I got into a habit of texting numerous people which totaled up to fifteen different people a day and over five thousand text messages a month. Where was the time for schoolwork, sports, or family? It was all wasted connecting and bouncing off signals that transmitted data from one cell phone to another. Let’s just say I went to the extreme. Emailing, sending messages on MySpace, or texting in class substituted in for what children at my age wanted; having a boyfriend, wearing the latest fashions, and creating drama. The phone wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye in the technology world; cameras, tablets, and game systems also distracted me from being focused. As technology developed, I killed my interest in MySpace and got introduced to the now popular Facebook. Instead of doing homework I got distracted by the latest gossip on Facebook, had face time with friends on my phone, and even got hypnotized by my HD big screen TV. Whatever the new and improved gadget or thing that was on the market, I had to have it. I wouldn’t say I was spoiled, but once I got old enough to work tablets, the internet, and understand the technology world I began to ask “mom can I get __ because it has an improved __”. That was my line for every new thing that came out. Once my dad got laid off his well-paying job, all the actions of getting spoiled stopped. Then I would have to work...
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