Technology in World History

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Technology in World History


Throughout history technology has enhanced the vision of great civilizations, philosophers, scientists, and many others. There are many types for technologies like consumers’ technology, military technology, science and technology etc. But also it can have its downfalls towards society and how consistent the world uses it continuously. Technology does allow us to do so many more things that once couldn't be done. It saves people's lives, but it also ends careers. It runs the world. We can no longer get to town on a horse. We depend on technology.

If you've been to the supermarket lately, you've noticed that many of the checkout lanes have been automated. Similarly, many clerks at banks have been replaced with machines. Whereas most people were familiar with the inside of a production facility, nowadays many people are not due to the facilities being almost fully automated. Robots. With the advent of machines, are human beings becoming redundant? Although machines are not as complex as us, they can replicate many of the things we can do pretty well. In many cases however, the more machines we have, the more jobs are created that compliment the machines. Many people are afraid that machines will become better at nearly everything than humans.

Technology saves lives. Without technology, many people's hearts would not be beating. Without technology, some people who are walking wouldn't be able to. Without technology, some people who can see would be blind. Technology is leading the way in the medical field. So many diseases are cured through the uses of advanced electronics. We can now get to places in the human body that we could never get to before.
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