Technology in World Civilization

Topics: Invention, History of technology, Writing Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: April 10, 2013
When Arnold Pacey was writing "Technology in World Civilization," he intended to write a book that would explain how the technology we have, and use every day, came to be and how it has traveled from its origins to where we live today. In his book, he shows challenges that the world, at that time, were facing, and how people used those challenges to invent something that made a part of everyone's life a slight bit easier. Many of those inventions were the basic foundations for some of the most complex, important, and useful inventions of the Twenty-First Century. He also showed in his book, some of the origins of technology, and how they moved from country to country, and eventually, the whole known world at the time. Pacey wrote this book in Chronological order, meaning he wrote in a time and date order, the first events happening before the next, and so on, so that you can see the progression of how one invention helped to either improve on a previous invention, or help with the development a new invention.

The evidence that Pacey used in this book to prove what he is writing about is factual are blueprints that he found about how the inventions were made. He also used a Meta Search model, taking information from other books, magazine articles and newspaper articles as well to prove himself right. Pacey had many other sources that he used, including libraries at universities and colleges that specialize in the study of early technology history like Oxford and Cambridge Universities. He also had many human sources, such as: scientists and professors. Instead of telling you his source in the middle of the text like MLA format, he just has a bibliography at the end, with a long list of the people, books, universities, etc. that he used. The graphs and pictures he used are very clear, and most are easy to understand, to help clarify the text very well. An example of this, would be the diagram on Page 136. It helps clarify what the bridge looks like, and how the...
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