Technology in the Workplace

Topics: Sociology, Employment, Bureaucracy Pages: 4 (1128 words) Published: April 7, 2013
This summary shall attempt to display the intricate relationship between technology and the workplace along with the limitations of the modern bureaucratic organisation of work. It further expands on some of the issues resulting from these practises with historical references made along with indications towards the future. One of the key reasons work is central to society is because it is our main source of production. This relationship between production and work, or, “social relations of production” is inextricably interrelated with technology. In modern society, technology used for production of goods and services comprise of three main components: operations technology, materials and knowledge. The operations technologies are the processes and rules used during the production phase. Materials include the raw resources required for the manufacturing of these services and lastly, the knowledge or the skillset is the final aspect of technology in the workplace. Furthermore, High-tech production industries such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and green technologies are currently being developed which has the potential to transform the nature of work. Organisations, like people and societies, have their own “culture” which mostly involves division of labour and a certain managerial style. Hierarchical positions exist in an organisational structure mainly to exercise control over the employees by obtaining maximum output from workers in terms of production. According to this chapter, the different hierarchical relations present in various businesses include complexity, formalisation and centralisation. In basic terms, complexity is about the many layers and divisions in an organisation, i.e. its interrelationships. Formalization is the extent to which work roles are structured in an organisation. It also includes how the activities of the employees are governed by various rules and procedures. Centralisation refers to the...
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