Technology in the Security Field

Topics: Security guard, Surveillance, Security Pages: 4 (1268 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Technology in the Security Field

Technology in the Security Field
Security and safety is the most important aspects in a security setting. The techniques that officers use to ensure security and safety are enhancing through the advancements in technology. Changes have been significant from the time before computers and the current status of high-tech computers and other technology. The changes have brought both positive and negative effects to security settings; however, the changes have been more positive than negative. Creating a safe and secure environment can create a positive atmosphere for everyone involved, so nothing could be more important than communicating the ways to enhance security and safety. Offering meetings not only for management, but also for general employees will offer new and fresh ideas on ways to achieve a positive atmosphere. The discussion of these techniques, changes, and improvements on security and safety will almost guarantee a better environment. * A comparison of security operational techniques before and after the introduction of computers into the discipline profession. * Security operational techniques have seen a large difference between the years before and after computers in the security profession. Before computers, security operations involved writing reports, looking at paper maps, writing letters, storing documents in filing cabinets, securing those important was much harder, etc. However, with the introduction of computers the security profession was able to do so much more and efficiently too. E-mails has made writing up reports and sending them more quickly. They are able to use multiple forms of apps to assistant him or her better in emergencies, such as their patrol laptops, and their applications on his or her smart phones to use maps. Computers also enable Police Officers to save their work more efficiently. Before these changes I believe that...
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