Technology in the Political World

Topics: Politics, Aristotle, Activism Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: October 25, 2010
The rise of the technology in the political world has led to unchecked Internet. Unchecked Internet has exploited various amounts of dangers within the political world. The first highly noted problem is misinformation. The Internet is mostly unmonitored which allows people to post misleading and false information about politics unlike newspapers, magazines, and television networks, where editors and fact-checkers ensure correct information is disputed to the public. In political campaigns misinformation can have a major impact on the outcome of the poll and the support in which the candidate receives and which who they receive that support from. Also, misinformation can change the way the public views the candidate. In addition, Internet has factored in the decline in political civility. Bloggers sometimes use the Internet as a weapon to attack the opponent and ruin their reputation by posting lies and slander. The unchecked Internet also allows the problem of possessing a host of unknown potentialities. National elections through computer terminals could be hacked into and cause a political crisis. Unchecked Internet can be managed around however it will still be out there. Factual information is always used by newspapers, magazines, and television networks, because they have fact –checkers unlike bloggers whom may post whatever they are so inclined to. Ones best chance to receive true information about a political candidate or a political issue is to rely on the sources stated above unlike a blog. By doing so one can receive credible information that is not misleading and make certain it is valuable facts.
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