Technology in the Classroom

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2.1The Influences of Laptops in Classrooms2
2.2The Internet: Transforming Our Approach to Education4 2.3Analysis of Cell Phone Controversy7
2.4The Benefits and Drawbacks of Projectors10
2.5The Cost-Effectiveness of Clickers in the Classroom12




Appendix I19

Appendix II20

As the number of students enrolling in universities is rising rapidly each year, larger classrooms are built to increase their capacity. As a result, each student receives less and less attention in the classroom and loses original interaction with their professors. Adapting to inevitable changes in the educational institutions, educators are continuously seeking new classroom technologies and incorporate them in their teaching. For instance, computers, projectors, and screens are common equipments in any classroom nowadays. However, every technology comes with a cost, and the education budgets are under pressure in today’s economic situation. Without reducing the quality of curriculum in large class settings, it is important for educators to study how each employed technology assists and enhances students’ learning experience. At the University of Waterloo, students come across many classroom technologies, such as microphones, clickers, projectors, laptops, wireless Internet, and cell phones. In principle, technologies in the classroom should be helpful by providing convenience, engaging students, and improving quality of the course. Simultaneously, students are also easy to be distracted and they often exploit the use of these technologies. In this report, specific technologies will be broken down and discussed separately at the interest of the Math Faculty of the University of Waterloo. A survey consisting questions regarding the use of technologies in the classroom is conducted in an English class of140 math students. At the same time, results of many related articles, researches, analysis, journals and some experiments written by scholars and experts in the area will be emphasized. This report will be helpful for the Math Faculty, deans and decision makers to evaluate the cost effectiveness of the classroom technologies. Students are also interested in refining their learning tools and environment. As for the manufacturers, they want to know the disadvantages of the technologies so that they have opportunities to improve and sell more of their learning products. Finally, professors and instructors will be interested in enhancing their curriculum while integrating classroom technologies.

2.1The Influences of Laptops in Classrooms
The use of laptops in the post-secondary education is becoming more and more popular over the years. Laptops serve as a tool that provide many useful features that traditional teaching method would never have. For example, students can access course materials through a laptop while sitting in the class. They can use their laptops to take notes and even obtain online resources relevant to the class discussion.

It just seems that laptops are so helpful during a class. However, some argues that using laptops during a class will cause distractions and therefore cause students slacking off. According to Galluch,Long,Bratton,Gee and Groeber(2009): “Off-task behaviors with ICT [Information and Communication Technologies] in the classroom have been largely attributed to the increased use of laptops…Based on surveys results and professor interviews, the hypothesis that the presence of ICT negatively affects students’ attention in the classroom was found to be significant…Our research has proven that students do slack in the classroom because ICTs accelerate their want to do so.”

The authors argued that some students would use laptops for activities that are unrelated to the...
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