Technology in Sports

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Advantages and disadvantages of the use of technology in sport. Advantages
Some advantages of using technology in sport would include training equipment. Training equipment allows the athlete to focus on the specific muscle groups or endurance capacity that he or she wants to work on. Also video technology instant replay to review close calls, leads to more fairness in the game. Better safety would lead to less serious injuries and it would provide shoulder pads, better helmets, and faster emergency ambulance service in case of injury Better sports viewing enjoyment could provide underwater cameras in pools, instant replay on TV, graphical ability to overlay first down lines and other reference points. Plus better online ticketing would occur while people would be able to watch matches from their own home on their television in comfort or be able to read match conclusions or scores in the news papers. Another advantage would be that technology is a lot better than the human eye for example the Cyclops is a computer system of infra-red beams conceived by British inventor Bill Carlton of Malta, which is used on the ATP and WTA professional tennis tours as an electronic line judge to help determine whether a serve is in or out. Another example would be the Hawk-Eye, this is a complex computer system used in cricket, tennis and other sports to visually track the trajectory of the ball and display a record of its most statistically likely path as a moving image.

Some disadvantages of using technology in sports would include the less advertisement for the performers. The technology used in the sport could make more people interested in the sport but loose people who are interested in the actual players. Also the sport could use too much technology and people who have been interested in that sport before technology was used could lose interest in that sport as it would not be the same.

When incorporating technology into physical education...
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