Technology in Class

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Higher-order thinking Pages: 5 (1982 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Technology in Classrooms
The use of technology in classrooms is not only new to students, but it is new to teachers as well. The teachers became the students as they began to learn all over again. They are now called Facilitators because really what they do is just help lead the students to learning information on their own through the use of this technology. The growth of technology in classrooms has expanded greatly over the past few years. A Question usually asked when the topic of technology is brought up is should technology enriched environments be put in place and is it the right way to go about the future leaders of the world’s education. Most people look at these changes as a positive effect for classrooms, students, and teachers. On the other hand, there are several who are opposed to changes and ideas occurring. After much research, one will be able to realize that the positive effects strongly outweigh the negative effects. From my understanding there is huge benefits that can come out of this and very few down falls that is not worth preventing it from being put into place. Students as young as the pre-kindergarten stage are exposed to technology in the classroom. The types of technology used include interactive whiteboards, touchscreen interactive computers, and smaller touchscreen devices such as iPods and mp3s (McManis & Gunnewig, 2012). As this technology advances, so do the classrooms. In order for technology to be truly beneficial at such an early age there are three needed components (McManis & Gunnewig, 2012). First, the technology needs to be age and developmentally appropriate for the learner (McManis & Gunnewig, 2012). Next, the teacher needs better support in implementing technology (McManis & Gunnewig, 2012). They need a strong understanding before they can use the technology within the classroom (McManis & Gunnewig, 2012). Finally, the technology needs to support the curriculum and the learning (McManis & Gunnewig, 2012). Technology allows the students to work more interactively on their own, while the teacher becomes the facilitator and can answer more questions and work one on one with students who do not understand. New technology attracts these young kids, and simply changes there whole attitude towards doing the work and participating in class after using the traditional learning with a pencil, paper, and hours of lecture from the teacher. Technology is being used because since it has been introduced into the classrooms, studies have shown that “technology enriched environments have shown to have positive effects of the student’s higher order thinking skills” (Hopson, Simsm & Knezek 2013). As the world evolves and becomes more dependent on technology, people of our generation will need to be very well trained in technological areas to be successful later on in life. Many careers that these students will seek will revolve around the use of technology, so introducing it to them earlier on in school can only be the most beneficial thing to do. Also, in my own personal opinion it seems like the only logical way of teaching these kids. According to the article about technology in at risk readers it states that the use of technology is a very sound, interactive approach that seems like a legitimate endeavor (Perney, 2009). Technology teaches new ways of doing things and is more projects based. The students learn to work on their own and it is shown to build self confidence in the majority of the children who are able to be in these enriched classrooms. It has enabled the classroom to become more individualized and it meets the needs of every student regardless of the students learning style. Learning can take place anywhere and at any time through the use of technology (Impact of Information Technology on Education, 2013). Instead of students listening to the teacher lecture the entire class, technology allows them to be more...
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