Technology Implementation Paper

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  • Published : October 27, 2009
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Technology Implementation Paper
Pete Martinez
University of Phoenix

Technology Implementation Paper
With today’s economy being in such disarray, companies are entertaining ways to cut expenses and stay competitive during a recession. Many companies are looking at their departments’ productivity in addition to their network infrastructure to accomplish this task. Large companies have the luxury of internal resources, whereas smaller companies must resort to outsourcing this process. The ultimate goal is the same, to cut expenses, and stay competitive. A big decision, a company will need to make, is whether to cut personnel or can implementing new technology give the same result. The final decision will not be easy, but a bad unrealistic goal can devastate a company. The process to get the task done is to first make a plan, then implement the plan, determine all training requirements and finally determine the support strategy.

The first phase is for the company to prepare a plan. The plan should include an evaluation of the company’s business practices. From the evaluation, the company can conclude; the impact affects how to implement the plan and what kind of support is required. The analysis of the results will give the company’s upper management enough information to make a wise decision. According to an article, by Massaro (2009) stresses some key points when evaluating one’s business and implement changes to improve the bottom line. The article points out that the process should thoroughly review the business process and reinvent the business if necessary. The company should have an open mind especially to new business principles (Massaro, 2009). The article does mention that the main goal is to evaluate the business and avoid being part of the problem. The article by Massaro (2009) emphasizes that during the evaluation process the company should not consider cutting the marketing budget that will result in loss of...
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