Technology Impact on Family Time

Topics: Mobile phone, Personal computer, Computer Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: November 4, 2012
The impact of technology on family time
Nowadays technology is a part of our real life because most people have the same need that is the convenience. Although technology can provide and serve many functions and applications that support the human need but it also has an impact to our real life as well. The impact of Technology to our real life is time on family. Three technologies that have impact to family are computer, Mobile Phone, and Tablet. The static of tablet sales in U.S. on year 2011 from NPD Group they said “U.S. Tablet Sales excluding Apple Exceed 1.2 Million Units in First Months of 2011”,1 this is in one country, that mean tablet is a new technology which every people attend. Tablet is a device that suitable for individual person because it easy to take and easy for do a business, but if you use it in your family. You will concentrate only your tablet not attends to member in your family. The effect of this situation will decrease time and relationship on family. Therefore, if you are in the family you must use that device to make your family enjoy together or don’t use its. However, most of family still attend to tablet by doesn’t think about impacted on family time and relationship. On the other hand technology still has another device that can makes family time increasingly. Causes of computer applications are positive affected on family time. From past to present, there are many types of computer such as “Super Computer”, “Computer PC”, and “Computer Notebook”. Computer has an evolution of itself as you can see a new generation of computer has smaller size than the old computer. Even though new computer has smaller size, but functions and applications of it’s not small like size. It can do and serve many things by using functions and applications such as do transaction online, Facebook, E-mail, learning, or playing game. Due to this example, the article of Washington State University, Vancouver examines the perceived effect of computers...
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