Technology Has Changed the Way We Learn

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Every day, no matter where you look technology is surrounding you. Technology can be found in our homes, at work, and in the classroom. It has forever shaped the way we take in new information unknown to us. More recently, technology has most influenced the way we learn through the use of computers, portable smart devices, and the Internet. The personal computer had become affordable and possible for the average American to own during the 1970's with the invention of the microprocessor. (Bellis, 2012) The microprocessor replaced giant warehouse sized computers that allowed for the components that make up a computer to be put into a single integrated circuit chip controlled through a program no bigger than the size of a dime. Since then, the personal computer has been refined into a desktop machine that is far more capable than it's inventors would have ever imagined. Desktop computers can now be found in almost every classroom and home around the world. They are fixed work stations that through the use of software allow you to perform functions that would otherwise take a great deal of time to complete. During the 1980's the personal computer was again morphed as technology progressed. However, this time instead of going from a warehouse sized computer into a stationary desktop, the personal computer was turned into a portable travel ready device that we now know as the laptop. The laptop took all the benefits offered by a desktop personal computer and crunched it into a portable device. This meant that no matter where you were in the world you would always be able to access a computer. With computers so readily available in homes, classrooms, and now on the go they immediately made their impact on how we learn through various technology software programs. One such program which has been lauded as the number one program for presentations used in business meetings and classrooms for training is Microsoft PowerPoint. (Russell) This software program...
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