Technology- Good or Bad?

Topics: Technology, Mobile phone, Internet Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Technology - Good or bad?
Modern day is all about keeping up with new technologies and getting rid of all old outdated stuff. The way the rate of dependency on technologies is unbelievable. Now- a- days, people are more likely to sit home and do their work rather than going out. It’s because everything is controllable even when you are sleeping. Life is so much easier and reluctant. Technology has made us capable of doing such things those were unimaginable in the past. It has broaden our reach to the world, enriched our knowledge and rewarded us with galore of creations. With time technology has got uncountable wings spreading throughout every corner of human inhabitant.

Varieties of people are directly or indirectly affected by the influence of modern technology. For some it has bought great fortune and for the rest it is working like a killer poison. Some people are not even aware of what is going on around them. To illustrate, teenagers these days cannot sustain a second without mobile phones, internet, IPods and more significantly Video games. They can pass hours and hours devoting themselves to such stuffs. Most are unconscious of what is happening outside their virtual utter life. In this way, huge number of brilliant-minded kids are wasting their talent in virtual space rather than studying and thinking about building their careers. Several young-adults/ children do not understand between the terms ‘use of internet’ & ‘misuse of internet’. Later on, these kids face untoward situations which lead to detachment from society. Some get involved with bad companies and starts doing drugs, smoking etc. To be more frank, a number of reputed companies promotes these kinds of illegal activities and provoke young generation to help them in their mischief. This is the place where the rise of hackers and online frauds occurs. Many fraud websites steal money from people by means of cash transfer by credit cards and bank cheques. They make fool out of people...
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