Technology for Sustainable Agriculture

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Technology for Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture is a way of farming that can be carried out for generations to come. This long-term approach to agriculture combines efficient production with the wise stewardship of the earth's resources. It is hoped that, over time, sustainable agriculture will do the following: •Meet human needs with a safe, high-quality, and affordable supply of food and fiber. •Protect the natural resource base and prevent the degradation of air, soil and water quality. •Use nonrenewable resources efficiently

Use natural biological cycles and controls
Assure the economic survival of farming and the well-being of farmers, their families and communities. •Creation of institutional incentives and funding that focus public and private research, education, and technology development on integrating agricultural productivity and profitability with environmental stewardship. New technology in all areas has improved agricultural production, thus its sustainability. Today’s Agriculture is using best management practices (BMP’s), by targeting many of its applications, not broadcasting as was done in the past. New disease resistant hybrids, biological pest control, reduced pesticide use, cultural practices that reduce the incidence of pests and diseases, and better placement and reduced amounts of fertilizers are all being employed. Insect specific chemicals and biological insect controls are now being utilized, instead of broad-spectrum pesticides, that actually reduces the number of sprays needed along with costs. Micro-sprinkler water is now being applied directly to the roots, not overhead or flooding of the entire block as was done in the past. Agriculture manages land for both agriculture and wildlife. In many SW Florida citrus groves, water retention areas and woodland corridors allow animals and birds to flourish. In citrus, technology has helped growers in many areas to reduce costs and improve production. Growers use...
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