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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Essay Topic: “Technology is a wonderful thing.” Do you agree?

In the past 100 years technology has been a huge influence on how our society operates. It started off being simple tools that would help us finish our goals and ended up turning into something much bigger. It has replaced a lot of old technology and made things easier like mobile phone. In the old time we used to send a letter to contact each other but now in the latest day, we use mobile phone which is easy to use and faster than writing a letter. It has made the world a better place to live. Technology provides to us a better knowledge, faster ways of locomotion and communication.

Technology is a big help to all humans. Technology could help us in many different ways. We use technology almost everywhere, in the latest day we have the new machine to communication such as iPhone, this new machine is very intrusting for every society, to communication there is so many applications for us to download such as WhatApp, Line, Facebook, Twitter and Skype this sort of applications is very quick way to contact each other by texting and video call.

The globalisation of communication networks has provided new and better business opportunities for companies and has changed the way we work such as meeting online and selling things online. Even though we’re at home or on holiday, we can still working and communication with the company that we work. We can also communication with the over sea companies and had an opportunities to work with many people.

The computer is one important feature from technology, which is very used by people in order to increase their knowledge. Students are using a lot more the Internet, which gives to them the right information without the need of going to a library. For example, a person needs to do a research about a matter, and then instead of going to the library, this person could find the information using the Internet.

Without technology in our lives, our world...
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