Technology Effectiveness

Topics: Customer relationship management, Customer service, Marketing Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: February 18, 2011
Technology Effectiveness

DiGi Telecommunications is a leading mobile communications company in the industry, however the rapid customer growth grows to be a challenge for them as it is overwhelming their sales and service delivery teams. Thereby, DiGi implements the technology of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) effectively to deal with this issue. They choose to use Sugar ProfessionalTM to manage the enterprise customer relationships and ensure high level of their customer satisfaction. They began to work with iZeno, a SugarCRM Gold Partner, to implement this CRM software package called Sugar Professional On-Site to help ensure the data security and control. This software installed does help them in delivering a better value for their customers and giving right customer experience as promised.

This investment of DiGi on Sugar Professional gives them a lot of advantages in return. With iZeno and SugarCRM, DiGi is deploying an effective CRM system. iZeno helped Digi break down the key processes that needed improvements and developed an implementation plan that would map Sugar Professional with core systems to automate the processes—leads identification and tracking, proposal generation, accounts validation, approval matrix, contract generation, order fulfillment tracking, billing system integration, and reporting.

iZeno not only helped with the deployment but also the training and user acceptance that is critical to any successful implementation. SugarCRM’s easy-to-use interface with customized fields makes data entry simpler for DiGi salespeople, than when they were using domestic processes to manage customers. Implementation of SugarCRM also helped DiGi to ensure an effective management of sales leads from various leads sources. Previous common problems faced by DiGi salespeople associated with sales information that is not focused, has been solved. With a centralized system of lead information, including emails, calls, campaigns and...
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