Technology Dependency

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Addiction Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: March 14, 2012
Technology Dependency
Technology has been around since the primitive man first sharpened a stick to use as a spear. We live in a technological society where we have become practically dependent on every new tool and gadget to make our lives easier. Technology is the development of ideas- a way of modifying something to make it useful and different. Technology provides an opportunity to improve a process, to create a useful device, and better our knowledge about tools to meet people needs and wants. Since the dawn of man, there has been a desire to create something to improve the quality of lives and the ability to learn. Today there is hardly anyone who will say that their lives have not been influenced by technology. There are some that blame technology for the laziness and lack of common sense of individuals, but not all have fallen to the trickery of technology. Technology is similar to change- it is constant and it will continue to change our lives whether good or bad. We will now look at ways we have become dependent on technology. The Internet has become a worldwide sensation. It is used by both children and adults for many different reasons. The Internet has become a convenient way to research, to connect with others, download music, watch movies, and to conduct business. It seems just about everything can be done with the help of a computer and Internet. However, there is a dark side of using the Internet, a dangerous pitfall which is addiction. Internet addiction is the excessive use of Internet to the extent that it interferes with daily life. All is well with the world until the addiction sets in. There is a lack of real social interaction with a tendency to neglect work, school, or family obligations. Feelings of irritation, depression, and unexplained mood swings become overwhelming. Bad habits are sometimes developed because of excessive Internet use which can cause significant problems, both personally and professionally....
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