Technology Dependence: Striking a Balance

Topics: Culture, Knowledge, Philosophy of life Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: January 30, 2013
The topic of this essay is one of personal interest. I have seen the people in my world evolve their state of mind as society becomes more and more technological. I have been noticing that people are less and less “addicted” to their technological devices, as they discover how to balance it with their personal lives. In my case, the technology dependance was so great, that I went sans computer for a while. As I slowly integrated technology back into my life, I began to use it for personal development: to express myself, learn new ways of thinking, not to mention entertainment.
I successfully learned how to live a balanced lifestyle, that jives with my personal values. This brings a pricesless level of inner peace and satisfaction. I feel obligated to encourage others, as I have myself, to solve their problems with idea exploration. The vastness of the Internet can provide many of the solutions to the problems of life. The end result is a happier and healthier human race.

The world truly isn't what it was. Earth was, and still is, largely misinformed. But out of the chaos, the Internet bears an emerging trend towards accessing information. The end product of this trend is an increasingly immalgimated culture. Each individual now may hold those values most close to their own. There is a shift from believing lies and idealism, towards discovering personal truths.

The social issues appear to be coming to a head. Knowledgable people are becoming actors of change in the world. Those who are fortunate enough to access the wealth of knowledge that is the free Internet, have a moral obligation to spread that knowledge to the rest of the world. We are fortunate to bear witness to a large scale transformation.

Different cultures adopt technology at different paces. With each new phase of technology, individuals within cultures adopt different ideals. We have yet to learn what technology really does to the world. The changes have only just...
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