Technology: Curse or Gift?

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Technology: Curse or Gift?
Technology has completely changed the world and communication, more specifically it has changed the way students interact in a classroom. Technology in the classrooms has affected the way that students learn, interact with others, and has decreased the use of paper. Although technology has helped students with many different tasks, it also has impaired some students. Many students have also become life-dependant on technology and are complete addicted to the features that technology brings to them. Having all knowledge with just a tap of the screen or click of a button has made the lives of current students much easier. Students have been gaining more and more knowledge because of the progression of technology. The advances of technology have brought many advantages to students in the classroom. A student no longer has to go to the library and search through an abundance of books just for one small piece of information; he or she can just type what he or she wants to know into a search engine on the internet and have results within an instant. Students can now search through thousands of sources within the time span to search for a book and find the specific information they are looking to find. The knowledge of obtaining knowledge has developed immensely over the past few years. Students can learn faster and more efficiently with the recent progress in technology. More and more schools are becoming more tech savvy in the classroom. Since the fall of 2011, Lutheran High North, a high school in Houston, Texas, eliminated the use of books and relied solely on the new iPads for classroom use. Lutheran High North is the very first school in Texas to completely utilize technology for learning. This particular high school uses iPads instead of books. The school utilizes many of the apps, found in the Apple app store, to help teach and get the students more involved in class. The iPads in class give the students more responsibility too. The...
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