Technology changing the face of education

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Case Study 1: Technology changing the face of education

Technology is changing rapidly with new innovations and discoveries being made across the world. The change has touched our lives, directly and indirectly. One of the core aspects of an individual’s life is education and today, technology through the availability of expansive data and information is bringing about a revolution in this world.

Technological advances like e-learning, internet; educational cds, digital classrooms, etc. are being embraced by several educational institutions to provide the students with large amounts of relevant information. The institutions today can have classes with lecturers from across the world or even virtual classrooms where skills and learning can be put to practical use to the extent unimaginable a few years back. Also, the delivery of the information through these mediums is in a much more interactive and creative manner than textbooks, resulting in there being a shift in the culture of learning from ‘memorizing’ to ‘understanding’.

The usage of technology has already become an integral part of higher education and has been rapidly trickling down to touch the students at the beginner level. Recently, a school in Mumbai informed all the students from medium school onwards to purchase electronic tablets for their educational purposes. This is a display of the drastic change in the educational patterns and processes.

In such age of technological change, the role of teachers is also changing. They are no longer the bearer of knowledge, the one and only point of contact to provide information and solutions. The students are faced with a different problem today, the issue being the excess of information available to the students. There is need for the teacher to be a mentor and guide the students through the chaotic bombardment of information in a structured manner.

There have been several issues identified in the form of rising costs, accessibility to technology, etc. However, as put by Mr. Arnab Ganguly, former chairman of CBSE, “Technology is playing a vital role in education in developed countries and this is the fact we can not escape from”.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------- Case Study 2: Social networking in our lives

The world today has shrunk and it is rightly referred to as a global village, with information, data and news flying across to different corners at the blink of an eye. All it requires is the click of a button and all the information you need is in front of you on your screen. The availability of information has also extended to our personal lives with the entrance of social networking platforms.

Today, the availability of the social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+, Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. information about individuals is freely available to all. One can easily be in touch with thousands of individuals across different phases of their life. One is regularly updated with personal information, photographs, thoughts, opinions, and lots of other aspects of an individual’s life.

The nature of social relationships is also undergoing a change. Earlier friends would have picked up the phone to reach out to a friend, today they might choose to ‘poke’ the friend on facebook or write on the friend’s wall. Though the number of people the individual is in touch with in the virtual world increases drastically, it is seen that the individual’s personal interaction with individuals reduces. The virtual contact creates a false sense of being in touch with others, though the personal one on one interaction with individuals...
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