Technology and the principles of Scientific Management

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  • Published: December 5, 2013
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November 18th, 2013

Technology and the Principles of Scientific Management:
How they are used in Human Resources today
to recruit and train employees.

Manufacturing companies with a primary focus on operations management are using the principles of scientific management and technology to find and train employees. Scientific Management Techniques, Inc, is the global leader in the industry who provides unique testing and training solutions in 31 countries. Scientific management was first introduced in the beginning of the twentieth century. “This concept was developed by Frederick W. Taylor who was an imaginative engineer and insightful observer of organizational activities”. He published “The Principles of Scientific Management” in 1911. “The essence of Taylor’s philosophy was that scientific laws govern how much a worker can produce per day and that it is the function of management to discover and use these laws in its production systems (and that it is the function of the worker to carry out management’s wishes without question)”. Scientific Management Techniques, Inc. has built their business for forty years based on Taylor’s principles and has evolved with technology to provide the most advanced manufacturing skills assessment machines and training programs. The upturn in employment is driving the demand for technology tools to help in the recruiting process. In the manufacturing business there are many candidates but not necessarily qualified candidates, “Thirty-two percent of U.S. manufacturers report a skill shortage in the midst of this great recession” . During the recruiting process the biggest challenge is to sort through the candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible. “By using technology, organizations don’t just get the candidates, they get more qualified ones” . The use of recruitment software effectively speeds up the recruiting and hiring process. Depending on the software chosen it can keep a constant pool of...
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