Technology and Sports (Speech)

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How many of you have a certain sport or certain team that you follow? Well that wouldn’t be possible without technology. Athletes wouldn’t be able to travel to different states and countries without cars or planes. You wouldn’t be able to watch every event and watch them again in slow-mo. You wouldn’t be able to Tweet instantly when something exciting happens. I believe that professional sports have benefited from today’s technology in that sports are much more connected throughout the world, and the fairness and equality in terms of technicalities, has improved, so today I am going to be talking to you about those aspects. _____________________________________________________________________

So first off, think about how sports have expanded. The root cause of that is technology; being able to travel. The Olympics for example; if we weren’t as technologically advanced as we are today, these modern Olympics wouldn’t be possible without being able to fly. Athletes are literally traveling all over the globe on a daily basis to meet for tournaments or games and other matches. Now, according to an article named Globalization and sports from, the NBA and MLB are now filled with athletes from countries from outside of the US. Without technology none of this would be possible and the best athletes from different countries would never meet up to battle it out. _____________________________________________________________________

Second, technology has improved the fairness in terms of technicalities of many different sports. One of the big points on that is instant replay, specifically in football. For example every time a flag is thrown, seconds later the exact play where the call was made can be shown again so you can see why exactly the foul was called. Along with that, if or when a foul is called, and a coach disagrees with it, the call can be challenged and sent for review, and if the call was made wrongly, it can be overturned....
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