Technology and My Generation

Topics: Status Quo, Walk This Way, John Grogan Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: December 18, 2012
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Technology and My Generation

As generations come and go, they each have different qualities that separate them from the generations before. These different qualities are what makes each generation unique and each generation improves/learns from the last one. According to the dictionary, generation means a group of people born and living at about the same time. Some people wonder, what’s so significant about this generation? Ya they have the technology but does it mean there able to cure aids with it, or are they going to waste time with it for other unnecessary things. “So we just ignore this fact and rally against the status quo” –Candice Phoenix. We’re the generation that interacts using google, twitter, facebook, instant messaging, and texting. These are the things we use to share our thoughts and opinions on different types of topics we can also learn from just one click away. My generation has it made, with so much technology being more advanced every day its easier for us to get things done. Anything you could think of is a click away its just made life for us just more simpler. For example when my parents were in school and needed information on something for a project they needed to look for it and hand write it, but for me I just look it up on google. We also have television and how it is now in high def, we could rewind, forward, and record shows. we also have phones that could talk to us and its basically a computer on the palms of our hands. Another example would be on how music shapes this generation like how there’s different music for different people, and just because there a certain race or different ethnical background doesn’t mean that there suppose to listen to that type of music. You have artist like Bruno Mars, singing “Locked Out of Heaven” Kanye...
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