Technology and Its Effects

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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Technology is being used by everybody these days, from cell phones to medical equipment. From my prospective, technology has had a positive impact on our world. Hospitals and clinics use technology to check on patients. Schools use technology to make teaching faster and less complicated. Families use technology to communicate with the love ones.

Technical equipment is being used in hospitals and clinics. Today’s technology makes the entire patient’s paperwork faster, organized and convenient. Hospitals use technology to detect health problems on people in the form of x-rays and ultrasound. Clinics use technology to check patient blood pressure and results. Do to technology cures have been found to health problems that did not have cures.

Electronics are also being used in school. Overhead projectors and Powerpoints are used in classrooms to help students learn and understand concepts. Interactive white boards allow teachers and students to write and save their notes. Powerpoints make presentations more People use different types of technology to communicate with each other in an easy and fast way. Social networks help us keep in touch with families that live a long distance away. Cell phones let us communicate with others and be safe. People have learned things they didn’t know with the use of computers and internet. Wikipedia is very helpful it helps us find information.

Technology has made people’s lives easier with all these new gadgets being created. People use technology in almost every part of their life. Teamwork has become easy do to technology.
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