Technology and Human Touch

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Technology and Human Touch
9 Sandra Halsey ENG 102 12/16/2012

We all have in many ways, shape, or fashion been in some form of contact with technology. It is convenient, reliable, and easy to use, current technology often becomes a replacement for our face to face communication, relationship, and education. We use technology at home, in school, and at work. Technology is used personally and professionally, both for pleasure and for business. There is no doubt that technology has empowered our lives in many ways. However, that empowerment has cost us a great deal in our human interactions and we need to get that personal touch back in our lives. Recent studies have demonstrated how technology has had some negative effect on human interaction. Throughout the world technology is used almost daily. It is clearly effecting how society and the human race are functioning. In the global economy technology is one of the fastest growing businesses of today. As the use and growth of technology expand, a balance needs to be found. As humans we need to balance the effects of technology today, by doing our part in keeping with the basic value of human interaction.

“It’s estimated that 93% of Americans now use cell phone and some kind of wireless devices. According to an industry trade group, from June 2009 to June 2010 cell phones subscribers sent 1.8 trillion text messages. That was up 33% from the year before” (Jack Cafferty, 2011). We work in the same building, on the same floor, in the same office space and instead of walking over and having a conversation we will send a text message or an e-mail. This is disturbing, for a society which focuses so much on communication as such importance. It’s time to take a step back and reassess the way we use technology today. It’s important to remember that technologies need to be put aside at times so that we able to connect face to face with each other.

Today’s world of technology sometimes does not afford us the opportunity to really, get to know one another. Humans are becoming strangers to each other more and more every day. We are in such a rush to get to the business at hand, meetings, schooling, training, and living that we would walk past each other on the street without even a nod. We stand in line at the grocery store or the bank without even a smile of acknowledgement. We are at home and sending text messages from upstairs to someone downstairs. Because, of our faces are stuck in the televisions and wireless devices. This can change, with just a few words in some cases, which can affect a person’s whole day. Just think, a person has been having a bad day, and then someone took the time to ask “how are you doing today?” That face to face interaction can change the whole outlook for the rest of that person’s day. Put a smile on their face with a positive attitude. Contrast this with a print on a 2x2 square touch screen, saying “GM (good morning)”.The significant difference is that, you have personal touch vs technology. Those few words face to face, made that person feel accepted and liked. Someone cares; they are part of a group, an integral part of the human race. Technology allows people to transmit messages across to one another without a true expressed excitement. Imagine a family member got engaged; you got the news, via text message or e-mail. There is the no face to face excitement. Instead the words “WOW!” “Congrats”, or smiley face, “Xs” and “Os”, are text or e-mailed. There is the no hug of congratulations. On the other hand, technology does afford us many opportunities to bring someone into a group. By sending a kind word across states, countries, and continents in a split second, by the touch of a screen. We can send an e-mail, buy and send presents, cards, and...
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