Technology and Health Care

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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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Technology and Health Care
Linda Adkins
August 26, 2012
Instructor: Rochelle Robinson-Levant

Electronic Medical Records
As a member of ABC Consultants, Northwestern Human Services (NHS) based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has hired me to find technology that will help the company financially and also give their clients the best care possible. Northwestern Human Services cares for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental health patients, and autistic individuals. NHS.(n. d.) ”NHS provides innovative solutions to support the unique needs of the individuals we serve by striving to create a caring and responsive environment that promotes the highest standards of integrity and quality” (p. 1). The organization has asked for a new way to develop an innovative approach using current technology in health care delivery to enhance the corporations business and to give more effective care to their clients. The organization has also recently bought out a company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and needs to incorporate information on the clients they serve in all areas of the organization.

I have recommended that Northwestern Human Services incorporate electronic medical records into their organization. I will go on to explain why it is important and how it will ultimately have numerous benefits for their clients and to the function of the organization.

Open Clinic. (2005)”Paper-based records have been in existence for centuries and their gradual replacement by computer-based records has been slowly underway for over twenty years in western health care systems (p. 1). The growth of technology is huge in healthcare. Open Clinic. (2005).”Electronic medical record systems lie at the center of any computerized health information system” (p. 1). The case loads of healthcare organizations have become vast so to provide efficient healthcare and communicate effectively, electronic medical records (EMR) are very...
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